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​REDe Rocks are a beautiful clay decor stone. Believably the best product in the market place. They are a natural clay everlasting product. THey never have to be replaced like mulch but can act as mulch with their water retention characteristics. There are no noxious production processes like cement or glass based garden products. They are recycled from the bricks pieces. Their looks outlast stone products. They are very pleasant and attractive to the eye and come in a range of sizes and colours. THey can be used in garden beds or pathways.

REDe Rocks 40mm - 60mm (10kg)

SKU: 8DSA 40-60
10 Kilograms

    Average Weight 10kg per pack




    40mm - 60mm 


    Red, Pearl, Bushland or Mixed

    Pack Per M² 4
    Pack Per Crate 110
    Cold Water Absorption <15%
    Usage Garden Beds & Pathways

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    *Payments for delivery can be direct to contractor or paid along with you purchase.


    We use reliable friendly brick transport contractors who you can also deal with direct for cost efficiency and accurate arrangements. Common delivery, brick truck with 4WD forklift; can access all surfaces and locations as long as there are no height restrictions. Cost varies by zone, pricing available by quote.


    $11.81 + GST

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