We stack all bricks onto recycled pallets of convenient varying quantities. All pallets are shrink wrapped ready for transport. We do not charge a deposit on pallets but appreciate their return for reuse.

Generally, bricks weigh 3.5 to 4 kg each. We pack pallet sizes of 250 bricks (1 tonnes), 300 bricks (1.2 tonnes) and 500 bricks (2 tonnes).The smaller pallets can either be transported on a trailer or ute and still moved with a bobcat on site. The larger requires the heaviest duty trailer or light truck and a big machine to unload on site.


We use reliable friendly brick transport contractors who you can also deal with direct for cost efficiency and accurate arrangements. Common delivery, brick truck with 4WD forklift; can access all surfaces and locations as long as there are no height restrictions. Normally will deliver within a couple of days. Delivery starts at $165. Always consider time saving in placing bricks at a better location.

Lake Brick Cartage

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