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Another modern trend derived from the looks of the past. Traditional cobble stone look provided in a manufactured brick. It provides a look of charm and comfort.



    Type Solid Cored
    Colour Red, Citrus, Talcum, Pearl, Bushland, Gunpowder Red, Citrus, Talcum, Pearl, Bushland, Gunpowder
    Average Weight 3.5 kg 2.7 kg
    Length 230mm 230mm
    Width 110mm 110mm
    Height 76mm 76mm
    Core Volume



    Unit Per M²

    54 (Walls)

    40 (Paving)

    54 (Walls)

    40 (Paving)

    Per Pack Quantity 276 312
    MPa >18 >14
    Absorption <10% <13%
    Usage General Purpose General Purpose

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    *Payments for delivery can be direct to contractor or paid along with you purchase.


    We use reliable friendly brick transport contractors who you can also deal with direct for cost efficiency and accurate arrangements. Common delivery, brick truck with 4WD forklift; can access all surfaces and locations as long as there are no height restrictions. Cost varies by zone, pricing available by quote. Always consider time saving in placing bricks at a better location.


    $1.89 EXC GST.

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