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Introducing the Premium Heritage Range - Cored Variant, presenting the Premium Heritage Cored Red Clay Bricks (PH02-C). Redefine your architectural projects with these meticulously crafted bricks, each weighing an average of 2.7kg. With dimensions of 230mm x 110mm x 76mm and featuring 5 cores/holes, these bricks offer a perfect blend of strength and versatility.


Designed for durability, the core volume is kept below 20%, ensuring stability in various applications. Achieving an MPa rating of over 14, these bricks excel in both walls (54 bricks per m²) and paving (40 bricks per m²) projects. The pack size of 312 bricks, measuring 920 H x 930 W x 690 L, ensures you have the perfect quantity for your needs.

With an absorption rate of less than 13%, these bricks are ideal for general-purpose use, promising a balance of resilience and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your architectural vision with the Premium Heritage Range - Cored Variant, where precision meets functionality in every brick.

Premium Heritage Cored Red Clay Bricks (PH01-C)


    Average Weight 2.7kg
    Length 230mm
    Width 110mm
    Height 76mm
    Core Volume <20%
    Unit Per M²

    54 for Walls

    40 for Paving

    Pack Size 312 bricks


    Absorption <13%
    Usage General Purpose

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    *Payments for delivery can be direct to contractor or paid along with you purchase.


    We use reliable friendly brick transport contractors who you can also deal with direct for cost efficiency and accurate arrangements. Common delivery, brick truck with 4WD forklift; can access all surfaces and locations as long as there are no height restrictions.Cost varies by zone, pricing available by quote. Always consider time saving in placing bricks at a better location.


    $1.79 EXC GST.