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We are proud to announce that we are the winners for the 2023 "Recycling Solution of The Year" presented by the Demolition Industry Association Western Australia (DIAWA) . After coming runner up in 2022, we are grateful to have edged out the win this year and wish the best for all the other contenders. Below is a copy of our awards statement:

REDe Bricks is a distinguished company specialising in the provision of recycled heritage red clay bricks, offering a comprehensive range of applications for both residential and commercial construction projects. Our product portfolio encompasses traditional red clay wire cut bricks, meticulously treated to ensure long-lasting preservation of their distinctive characteristics, meeting Australian structural standards and suitable for a wide spectrum of architectural endeavors.


The burgeoning market demand for recycled red clay bricks has been notably evident over the past two years, fueled by heightened sales and enhanced customer engagement. This surge in popularity is particularly evident within various segments, including new housing and commercial constructions, interior and exterior wall installations, as well as the use of recycled bricks in paving, decorative elements, and prominent architectural features, including single and double-story exterior house wall constructions.


REDe Bricks is committed to delivering top-tier recycled brick solutions, catering to the evolving needs of modern construction projects while simultaneously promoting sustainability and heritage preservation.


The current actual annual throughput at our REDe Bricks facility reflects the materials and tonnages we have successfully processed. As of now, our annual throughput closely aligns with our operational capacity at our existing yard, with the following figures:

  • Bricks for Reuse: Our facility has the capacity to process and make available for reuse approximately 3 million bricks annually. These bricks are carefully inspected, cleaned, and prepared for resale to construction projects, contributing to the sustainable use of building materials.

  • Materials Received: We receive approximately 15,000 tonnes of construction and demolition materials annually. These materials primarily consist of bricks, concrete, and other construction debris sourced from various projects.

  • Repurposed Materials: Our facility successfully repurposes approximately 8,500 tonnes of these materials each year.

  • Reprocessed Materials: Around 4,000 tonnes of construction materials are annually turned into road base.


Our current annual throughput figures highlight our facility's efficient operations and commitment to recycling and repurposing construction materials. It's important to note that our facility is operating near its current yard capacity, and we are actively planning to expand our operations before the end of the year to accommodate even larger volumes of materials and further enhance our recycling capabilities.

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